Case Studies

Here are a few Case Studies

OData extraction for Data Modelling

Client requirement

Through adoption of a Cloud based ERP system for overall business benefit the current requirement to continue with the Client’s complex Legacy Financial reporting and modelling suite required a new approach.

The current data source was extracted from an aging in-house Legacy system and required a number of manual steps to complete the financial reporting monthly data input cycles.

The business requirements were captured and a technical solution was built along the following lines: A connector was built between the Cloud based ERP reports source data, OData, via ERP API, and a MSSQL database to capture and store the significant data volumes required for the modelling. In function it can receive and handle sourcing parameters from users and fetch data from the ERP system and store these extracts it in MSSQL database. In addition, it can be customised to be used in different reports and store data in other SQL engines or environments (Linux / Windows) as well.

Orderwise to Joomla

Client Requirement

A ‘B to B’ client had a requirement to display their sales list for wholesale customers on their website with up to date details, stock levels and prices.

The Company are using the ‘Orderwise’ stock control system which is a windows based system running on an SQL server,

In this instance we have written queries to extract the required information for a given customer group, and export this data via flat file, this is then imported into the website and displayed as per the companies requirements

The stock list is also made available as a downloable file on the click of a button.

SAP to Magento

Client Requirement

The requirement was for all products and categories published to the web outlet, to be populated to the website, as well as the customer database/users details. With regular pricing and Inventory data to update the website. This was achieved with a middle-ware solution built in Java / Scala addressing the APIs of Magento and SAP.

Orders were to be integrated downstream with some complex requirements and the weights of products could change between order and payment capture time, inventory updates following orders were then fed back to Magento.

We successfully met the requirements massively increasing company productivity, turnover and efficiency.

ERP to cloud image repository

A client has a Cloud based ERP system holding items for sale in the form of products of art ranging from furniture to sculptures and lighting. Each product has multiple image views and each item is associated with an Artist.

Any of these products can be used in conjunction with any other product in the system to form an event or exhibition.

Within the ERP system we created a solution comprised of several new databases that allowed the client to build Exhibitions around artists and their products.

Our solution allowed the client to select whole exhibitions or even individual images or updates for Artists and send them, via API's, directly to the clients web site for further manipulation.