We are not just another middleware provider

“When properly implemented, APIs make it far easier for software developers to bring together data from various sources to create today’s modern Web applications.”

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We are not just another midlleware provider  

The majority of the established Integration service providers within this marketplace currently have developed common and proprietary  “middleware” with various API connectivity to allow for broad systems utilisation but due to variations within the relevant systems and API interfaces this limits core/common functionality, by its very nature. 

We review the business requirements on an individual basis and capitalise on the options available through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) which is expanding rapidly because legacy application integration strategies fit business needs within the client-server world, but fails to meet today’s need for real-time, distributed cloud and mobile applications. 


For IT heads planning application integration, using APIs enables efficient sharing of information and data across applications, something that’s been hard to do until now. The challenge is that API-centricity requires a totally different aspect and view taken against traditional middleware stacks. Simply put, an API is a toolset of protocols and routines for specifying how one Application can interact with another application.  

We recognise that there are specific and unique business requirements that drive your adoption, use and integration of Legacy and Internet technology. We work closely with you to develop innovative and tailored Legacy and Web development and Legacy and Web integration solutions to suit your business requirements.

Think of your products being sold on Amazon.com, or Ebay, and integrating with your legacy or Cloud based ERP systems or collaborating with SharePoint files via a platform like Yammer, When properly implemented, APIs make it far easier for software developers to bring together data from various sources to create today’s modern Web applications.

In summary Cloud Integration Services specialise in business focused, in depth application Integration requirements by bringing together fragmented services and integrating the associated upstream and downstream data flows. This including Real Time data integration of trading level data or business critical data and the utilisation of the master data model where appropriate within these integrated systems (typically SaaS ERP based CRM/Product/Financial/ data);

Real Time data integration has a very specific advantage.  

In an e-commerce integration example this has significant value to both the trading Financial capture and flows (Real time transactions) and product Supply Chain availability and efficiencies.  

A master data solution has 2 major advantages:

Data integrity 

e.g. in an e-commerce integration the ERP CRM/Product/Pricing data would be populated “real time” to the e-commerce front end/DB as part of the data flow specification. 

This negates the requirement for labour intensive administration duplication through a single source of data management.

In summary Cloud Integration Services works closer to the Clients business demands within the integration requirements and as such can maximise the business benefits and R.O.I. of any such integration scope.